Small Business Ideas That Can Be Started With Under Dollar 100

There are many ways to start a business on a shoestring budget. One such idea is to paint curbs. All it takes is a small investment, a paint brush, and an inexpensive address kit. A successful curb address painting business can generate revenues of up to $250,000 annually. Another low-cost business idea is window cleaning. While the initial costs of window cleaning equipment may be a bit higher, you can start with a basic kit and parlay profits into better tools. A good resource for window cleaners is the Internet.

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Vending machines are another small business idea that requires little start-up costs. These vending machines can generate an income and are logistically easier to manage than other small businesses. A vending machine requires a small investment, but can provide a nice income if properly marketed. A vending machine can make a significant profit if it is properly marketed. Another small business idea that is easy to start is a home-based candy store. These are just some of the many options that are available for starting a business with little or no cash at all.

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Another great idea is a proofreading service. Proofreading services can help clients edit art or other media. Some examples include editing company logos or family portraits. A person with an interest in three-dimensional media can combine their expertise with digital 3D modeling and printing to launch a new venture. 3D printers and 3D designers can help create objects consumers can purchase. Using the same printers as those used to make physical items, these 3D models can be sold to consumers.

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