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Movie Birthday Party Ideas

Whether your child loves the Lego Movie or wants to watch it over, there are many creative movie birthday party ideas. Consider a Lego City theme or even a police party. You can incorporate master builders assembly into a Lego superhero party. Wild Child Lucy could be a theme, or you can choose a movie that has different elements. Whatever the theme, you can find something that will please every child. Here are some of our favorite movie party ideas:

If you are throwing a movie birthday party, you may want to rent the theatre for the day. This can be a good way to celebrate a child’s birthday, but you need to keep in mind the costs. You can also opt to invite friends and family members of the child who is celebrating his or her birthday. If you are having a sibling party, you can get together with the siblings and celebrate the birthdays at the same time.

Another fun option is to set up a popcorn bar. Popcorn can be a perfect treat, or you can serve your child movie-themed candy such as Reese’s Pieces and Junior Mints. You can also serve movies-themed beverages in plastic cups with labels or glasses. Guests will have a great time with a movie-themed birthday party! The movie theme will make the birthday celebration memorable for everyone!

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