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How to Get More Likes on Instagram

One of the easiest ways to boost your engagement on Instagram is by adding relevant hashtags to your posts. Hashtags are words and phrases that people can follow or use to search for similar content. For example, a post by illustrator Joe Taylor could be hashtagged with #illustration, #characterdesign, and #illustrationallies. People would see this, and they would probably click through to find more information.

There are many advantages to using hashtags on Instagram. In addition to boosting your visibility, you can also target a niche audience and interact with them. A recent study by Sprout Social showed that posts with 1-3 hashtags were the most popular. Posts with 2-5 hashtags, on the other hand, did the worst. Posts with 10 hashtags saw the most engagement per post, while posts with 9 hashtags saw the highest number of likes.

Another way to increase your Instagram likes is by posting quality content. Publish engaging captions, engage with your followers, use the right hashtags, and post regularly. If your posts have no engagement, you may be missing out on getting more likes. Moreover, you may not be responding to comments or posting quality content. If you’re posting the wrong types of content, don’t forget to use the right hashtags.

Besides using hashtags, another great way to increase your followers is to pin comments on your Instagram posts. This will allow others to see great comments and give your post a boost. In the long run, it will generate more engagement and likes. And that’s what you need to grow your Instagram account. So, don’t forget to use these tips to increase your likes on Instagram.

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