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Cheap Things to Do in Lake Como

While visiting Lake Como, there are many ways to enjoy the scenery on a budget. The first way to see the lake on a budget is to take the ferry. A round-trip ferry ticket costs around five Euros, and the experience is completely free. Otherwise, you todaypknews can take a taxi which will cost you over two hundred euros. A cheap way to get around the lake is to walk, bike, or take a ferry.

If you’re looking for cheap things to isaidubnews do in Lake Como, consider wandering around the prettiest town on the lake. While it’s crowded in the daytime, it’s peaceful in the morning. The narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful views make it one of the prettiest towns on the lake. Spend an afternoon wandering the streets or sitting at a cafe. You can also get a cheap souvenir of the lake at one of the shops.

You can also visit the Villa del Balbionella, 7hdstar one of the most famous villas on the lake. Its terraced gardens overlook the lake and have been featured in many movies. Star Wars fans may recognize this villa! You can also wander the small streets of Lake Como, stop at gelato stands, and enjoy the scenery from the many viewpoints. Getting there on a budget is possible even during the peak tourist season. You can also take advantage of early booking discounts to find the best deals.

While Lake Como is the most famous tnmachiweb lake in Italy, you can also explore the lake on a budget. Many tour companies will take you on a lake cruise, while others will take you to the towns on the other side of the lake. There are also some boat operators that take you on a scenic boat ride, which makes the whole newtoxicwap experience that much more enjoyable. You can save this article and return to it anytime.

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